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What Do You Do in Terms of Support After You Launch Your Software Product

You’re just about to launch your first bootstrapped software product. So far, so good. But you cringe at the thought of providing technical support once your software is sold to a few customers. You’re afraid that when you launch, a huge number of people might download your software and they might find bugs and then… … Read more

How to Say “No” to Feature Requests

So, you decided to build your product on user feedback. You want your users to determine the direction you'll be taking. You receive feature suggestions on Twitter, via email or even solicit feedback publicly with UserVoice polls… It's great when you hear the same request over and over again. Clearly, you have to consider it. … Read more

5 Types of Customers That Will Suck The Life Out of You

At a small software company you can’t afford customers that chew up support time with questions that you have already answered on your website, damage your reputation on Twitter, forums and review sites, or call you up at 5 A.M. on a Sunday.

We all have our fair share of crazy customers. But after you waste hours and dollars on the first one, you realize spotting such people early on is crucial.

You can tell if a customer is potentially crazy the first few times they contact you. Just watch out for the red flags. Here are my top 5:

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