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The time to start working on your landing page is NOW (Why & How)

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Fellow startup founders repeatedly ask me the same question:

When is the right time to create a landing page for my startup?

The short answer is: NOW. (in all caps, yes)

Perhaps you already know this. And, perhaps, you’re still going to postpone it.

So, allow me to sell you on the idea.

Why start working on your landing page now?

Because your first landing page is going to suck.

Just like it is with anything that you do for the first time.

9/10 times it goes like this:

  1. Build landing page
  2. Zero conversions
  3. Post it on reddit
  4. People say they don’t get what you’re doing (or worse, they say it’s okay, but you still have no conversions)
  5. Start pulling your hair out because you don’t understand what you did wrong (is it the traffic or the copy or…)
  6. Start learning about marketing and copywriting and feel overwhelmed

Take David for example, a startup owner whom I helped recently.

I met him after he’d gotten past step 4—nobody understood what he was offering. I suspected the copy could be improved and I asked what feedback he’d gotten from users. He said:

Several users were confused at our landing page and did not know if we were developing the product, or were in open beta.

He then realized he didn’t know what he was doing and should explore the finer details of building and structuring a landing page. (re-telling his own words here)

Steps 5. and 6. followed.

The biggest problem with David’s landing page was the copy, not the design. That’s the reason why “people didn’t get it”.

The result: David’s app is already in beta and he is losing potential users because of poor landing page copy.

David isn’t bad at copywriting

Copywriting doesn’t require any talent.

And it works SansMagicTricks(™ :)).

He just needed to learn a few best practices. He needed to know what to include on his landing page and how (not) to phrase it.

Now David can do a 10 times better version of his landing page.

But he’s postponing it.

He’s afraid to start over because he failed.

And I know he isn’t the only one who’s gone through this.

That’s why I wrote this post.

I want to spare you the “Our landing page conversion rate is zero. What did we do wrong?” post.

Here’s the basic algorithm for a minimum awesome landing page

  1. Do some very basic quick research and find out:
    • Who your potential customers are (profile) so that you can speak in their language
    • What problems they have (pains) so that you can reassure them that you solve these
    • What they want (dreams) so that you can promise it to them
  2. Make a promise with your headline to grab attention
  3. Use your subheadline to clarify the headline
  4. Use benefit-oriented call to action text to make people click
  5. State main benefits and how you plan to deliver them
  6. Explain benefits and features that provide them in-depth
  7. Finish with a second call to action

I bet you knew that already. You read variations of it again and again online. But have you tried implementing it?

About the author Gergana Dimova

I use my non-magical persuasion methods to help small business owners, digital agencies, entrepreneurs and consultants get more leads and sales. You can learn more about working with me here.

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