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Your 10-minute Crash Course In Conversion Copywriting

Our website doesn't reflect what we do. It's been mutilated by various SEO "professionals" to the point where it barely makes sense. Sound familiar? If you answered with a "Yes", then you're probably thinking about a complete copy overhaul. And, because, as a small business owner, you're accustomed to DIY, you probably tried writing the … Read more

4+1 major reasons why your landing page is turning off potential users & what to do about it

Today I'm doing a quick landing page copy review for Socedo—an app that helps marketers find and engage with their target audience on Twitter. Looking at their landing page I spotted 1 major problem and few other potential pitfalls. Here's what I found on Socedo's landing page + takeaways for you: The headline doesn't grab … Read more

What if your landing page could convert MORE?

There is a secret ingredient that makes all the difference between a great landing page, one that drives more conversions and an okay one. This ingredient is called: …drumroll… the language of your customer. You might have heard me say this before and you will find the same piece of advice on many popular marketing … Read more

Landing page teardown: One takeaway that can make all the difference in your startup landing page copy

What will you learn from this post? The one thing that will make your startup landing page copy 80% better How you can improve your landing page by using the principles explained below Teardown Today I’ll analyze the landing page of Context: Motavera is a platform that connects students with small enterprises. It helps … Read more