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Your website has to be a lead generation machine

But it’s not doing its job.

So, you decided to seek someone like me out—a copywriter.

Most likely you posted an ad, googled for a “small business copywriter”, talked to a couple of professionals.

The writing samples they sent looked good… to you.

But this doesn’t help you, because “good” writing is subjective.

The fact that you liked another company’s website copy doesn’t mean similar copy will make your customer want to buy from you or give up their email.

What if you didn’t have to trust your gut?

I spent years trying to figure out what makes a website a lead generation machine. And what I found is that it needs to comply to 3 simple requirements. Great website copy:

  1. Resonates with your target customer. It resonates when it tells them what problem you’re solving for them, promises them exactly what they want (you can find that out!) and speaks their language.
  2. Uses persuasion approaches. It makes the reader feel they would be crazy to miss out on this one-time special offer that’s exactly what they need.
  3. Uses a specially-designed website flow. The structure of your website matters a lot. For example, if you ask for an email right away, you’ll probably turn off a lot of people. You need a copywriting framework that builds up to the optin.

When I discovered these requirements, I was excited that I had a way of assessing a lead gen landing page, but then I kept thinking:

How can I lower the risk even more? How can I make sure that I get all 3 points right every time?

The data-based approach to copywriting

Because I wanted to lower the risk, I developed a copywriting process that requires as little creative writing as possible:

  1. Instead of trying to figure out what troubles your audience and what they want, I use research data to make your copy resonate. This means that I go out and study your target customer, until I know how they think.
  2. Instead of picking my brain for persuasive words, I regularly study the psychology of persuasion and learn from the best. I use proven persuasion approaches that I learned from experts like Robert Cialdini, Daniel Pink, Dale Carnegie, etc.
  3. Instead of relying on my gut feeling to structure copy, I use an evergreen copywriting framework. It has been around for more than 50 years and is still converting prospects into buyers.

That’s why, if we work together on your website copy, you won’t have to trust my creativity or writing talent.

You can trust copywriting and psychological approaches that have been around for decades.

Here’s what I can do for you

Because the website copywritign projects I do tend to have the same scope and requirements, I created the Website Copywriting Package. It includes:

  1. Business analysis. You and I will discuss what lead magnet you can use, your business goals and define who your target customer is.
  2. Audience research. Once we’re clear on what you’re selling and to whom, I will research your audience in-depth to find out what they like and dislike, what will make them want to give up their email immediately or pick up the phone and call you, etc.
  3. Audience analysis. After I gather enough data about your target customer, I will go into data-crunching mode and I will determine what language and tone of voice to use to appeal to your target customer.
  4. Conversion-focused copywriting. Using the proven direct response copywriting framework and expert persuasion techniques, keeping your audience’s preferences and lingo in mind, I will write the copy for your website. That includes up to 5 pages up to 1,500 words.
  5. Review and hand-off. If you find any inaccuracies, I will gladly fix them. You get 3 free revisions with this package.

Get the Website Copywriting Package

You will get everything listed above for a fixed price of $750. No need to watch the clock and worry about how many hours it will take me. Contact me now to get started and save your spot on my schedule.

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Why work with me?

Gerry high-conversion copywriter

Without breaking the bank, you can work with someone who:

  • will scrape the Internet to find the right voice for your landing page and make it resonate with your prospects
  • wants to study your business and make your product or service look irresistible
  • uses a proven copywriting framework that converts
  • knows what makes people want to buy a product
  • has 3+ years of experience writing copy, marketing and successfully selling products and services

Here’s what other business owners say about my work

Gergana was very professional and did a fantastic job on research and the final product. I plan on working with her on some future projects

—Ray Santiago, Spectrum Kitchen Remodeling, San Diego, CA

Gerry was a pleasure to work with. She researched our market and wrote content for our website to drive sales toward our desired audience. She took all feedback constructively and was able to incorporate our wants and suggestions while maintaining the integrity of the copy. Gerry is very responsive, very communicative, and adhered to all deadlines. We will definitely be working with her again.

—Linda Williams, Machine Tool Maintenance LLC, Salt Lake City, Utah

“I think your price is a bit high…”

This thought may cross your mind when you take a tour around the popular freelance platforms and find people who are willing to write “copy” for $100 or less. As you know, the cheapest solution usually turns out to be an expense to your business, rather than an investment.

No one will take the time to research your business, your audience, think about your lead magnet and your strategy for $100. You can be quite certain.

If you want copy designed to convert targeted traffic into leads, you need to work with someone who wants to pick their brain, research and think. And, in this case, you will be making a $750 investment.

If a lead is worth $150 to you, you will get your $750 investment back with the first 5 leads you gain.

A $100 expense or a $750 investment? It’s up to you.

Get the Website Copywriting Package Now

Contact me now to get started and save your spot on my schedule.

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